Monday, 16 April 2012

Exploring Shape!!

In maths this week we are exploring the properties of various shapes! Can you describe and compare these two shapes?
We have been going on shape hunts in the outdoor classroom, describing the properties and then sorting the shapes into hoops. We have also been chalking the shapes we found on the playground to help us describe their properties...
Busy sorting and describing...

What shape have I found here?

3 sides and 3 corners...

My chalk rectangle!

Hmmmm lets compare this to the last shape....

Where do they need to go boys?

The hexagon is a tricky shape to chalk!

Hard at work and thinking lots!

How many corners??

Sorted those triangles!!

A hexagon! How many sides and corners?

How can you describe the different sides of a rectangle?

Lots of discussion....

Team work!

Concentrating on drawing the shapes correctly...

...and again!

More hunting and sorting!

What do you think of this shape guys?

Is Rowan right>

Helping each other sort and discuss!

Play an eye spy game to decide which shape you can see through the spotlight---> Shape Spy

Explore the properties of shapes and make your own shape picture here---> Shape Picture

Press play to reveal the shape from behind the blind, how soon can you guess what it is?! Shape Reveal
Have fun!!

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  1. i rember when i did shapes like that when i was in fs2 it was fun and good work my sister was telling me a bout the camel.