Sunday, 22 April 2012

Growing - FS2 get green fingers to start our topic!

This half term we will be so much fun thinking about our topic 'growing' and doing lots of planting and looking after our seeds and flowers! Last week we planted sunflower seeds to start the topic and we each planted our own to keep. I wonder whose will grow the tallest!! At the end of the half term everyone can take theirs home to plant outside and watch them grow we are in action!

Preparing the compost...

Carefully concentrating...

Getting ready to plant our seeds!

Having a sniff of the earthy compost smell.

Seeds right way up for planting!

Sewing our seeds!

Making our own flower beds and flowers in the model making!

Hard at planting!

Making flowers in the dough!


More planting!

A super flower in its pot made in the model making!

Watering and caring for our seeds!

Another super flower model!

A mini garden!!!

More flowers in the playdough complete with roots!

A tulip!!

Our sunflowers seeds ready, grow grow grow!

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  1. Sarah at Barlow Hall Primary10 May 2012 at 14:54

    How big have your plants grown?