Monday, 23 April 2012


This week we are focusing on symmetry in our maths, by having a go at making symmetrical pictures in all the different areas of provision and using lots of different resources!

Use this kaleidoscope to watch the symmetry pattern as you move the mouse---> Symmetrizer

Symmetry in the dough!

Colour symmetry in the maths area...

Using the pegs and peg boards...

Can you complete the half done picture?

Using a plank as the line of symmetry in the construction!

Lego symmetry!

More completed symmetrical shape pictures...

Super work!!!

Using resources in the model making to make symmetry!

Super dough symmetry!

More peg board colour symmetry...

Deep in thought placing the pieces correctly!

Having a good go on the IWB!

Great try Maddison!!

Super proud of all your effort Ashaz!

Working together and helping each other

Look at this one!

Very engaged and super thinking!!

All done!

BIG symmetry

Completing the picture...

Lego symmetry in the construction!

Wow! That's a complicated one, bet that took lots of thought!


More shape symmetry...

This is fun!!

Lots of smiles and having a great time!!

Keep up all the effort!!


  1. Super symmerty! Our FS2 children loved to see others who had done the same work!

  2. I think that Karis is so cute and adorable. From hollie