Sunday, 15 April 2012

Welcome back!!!!

Hope you've all had a great Easter break and got lots of choccie from Easter bunny!! Am looking forward to seeing you all again tomorrow! :)

Our topic next half term is growing....

We will be planting lots of interesting things like sunflower seeds, beans, cress and tomatoes, and looking after them and watching them grow!

We also have a fully equiped garden centre with lots of seeds, watering cans, wheel barrow, gloves, trowels and spades and a cafe attached! Hopefully we'll have a trip up to a local garden centre to see the real thing aswell!!

We are going to each plant our own sunflower seed next week, what do you think we will need to do to help it grow and be healthy?

Here is a game where you can see different examples of ways to look after a growing plant and the result of each way---> Growing Seeds

You can also have a go at labelling a plant here---> Labelling A Plant

Test your knowledge how to help our plants grow over the next half term---> How Do Plants Grow

Try another growing game here---> Growing This time don't let the 'water level' get too low! Keep Watering your plant until it's fully grown! You can also have a go at adding labels, or test your brains on the quiz!!

Lets all get green fingers!!

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  1. I enjoyed playing the plant labelling game. Ben K