Monday, 11 June 2012

Jungle Safari Role Play!

Our last role play area for the year is the exciting jungle safari area linking to our minibeast and discovery topic! It was opened for exploration this morning and here we are discovering lots of interesting things!

Binoculars and camera at the ready!!!

What's this I've found in the swamp?

A huuuuge spider!!!

Having a rest and a drink with our flasks....

Juice or tea?

Time for some animal spotting!

Let's see what I've found!

Under the tent shelter...

oooo what do these paw prints have on them?

Any creepy crawlies in the corners?

Using the binoculars to spot creatures...

What happens when I look through here?

Quick!! A tiger and a panda!!

Night time retreat in the shelter and sleeping bag.

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  1. Hello FS2,

    Luca - we learnt about minibeasts last term. We went on a minibeast hunt.

    Max B - What kind of creatures did you find on your hunt?

    Tess - I liked how you made all the different areas like the tent and the sleeping bag.

    Xavier - You look like you're in a real safari place.

    Oscar - It looks like you're in a real jungle.

    Ashleigh - Did you go on a real safari?

    From Preps
    St Aloysius