Thursday, 20 June 2013

Our Obstacle Course in Maths

Last week in FS2 our Maths lessons involved a lot of physical work too! We completed an obstacle course. Whilst we were tackling each obstacle we were thinking and talking about how we were completing it, using lots of positional language. 
We had to walk along the benches, jumping down at the end. We had to throw a beanbag into a bucket and then walk whilst balancing on stilts. We then had to move the ball using only our feet to make it go in-between and around the cones. We jumped over a bamboo cane, moved our body through the hula-hoop, went in and out of the posts before we finished the course - moving across the tyres.

We thoroughly enjoyed testing our physical skills and our mathematical positional language. Throughout the week we all became much more confident and skilled at tackling the obstacles.
Have a look at our photo's

Maths Obstacle Course on PhotoPeach

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